Our team picks their favorite jewelry: Nelly

Every piece in the Opus 4 collection echoes the passion and craftsmanship of the hands that made it. It also echoes the stories behind the people of Opus 4. How those creations came to be and how the people of the company feel about them?

Read on and find out more about our favorite and most sentimental pieces, picked by Nelly Georgiadis, one of the two daughters of the Opus 4’s founders.

Through the years, I can see my family’s stories and values being reflected on the jewelry they design. We have embarked upon a great common journey.

Just like her sister, Nelly practically grew up in the jewelry workshop of Opus 4, among dynamic geometric forms and shapes of jewelry.

Through the years, jewelry making grows into a unique and compelling passion for Nelly. Her interests are reflecting Athens- the city that she inhabits: urban, culturally diverse and infused with artistic inspiration. In addition to jewelry, Nelly's interests include music, writing, fine arts and philosophy.

Opus 4’s jewelry, enhance my personality, not only do they compliment it.

Her favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones that her parents created together, after many years of designing separately. Genuine bronze with black oxidation, nature-inspired shapes and a surprising geometry, combine the classical with the unexpected in a unique way. Nelly believes this collection represents the essence of Opus 4’s style and considers it a cornerstone for the company. Behind every design, there is a unique story of inspiration.0 Nelly knows that her parents, as jewelry designers, know exactly when to follow the standard geometry and when to instinctively push it off the headlines. For these pieces, time is an ally and not an opponent, as it usually happens with fashion.